Sellers, Let’s talk about Target Marketing
Imagine a handful of algorithms specifically designed to track where people have been or what they’ve collectively been searching for.
Now envision those algorithms using that information to attempt to determine where people are going to, or what they’re looking for next.
This creates a market specifically for your product, and advertises to the potentially consumer-based audience that have a common interest in your product or service.
Here’s a quick example-
     I liked a wiffleball game set I saw online that was out of the ordinary. A multitude of dimensions gave the ball more movement, and I was intrigued.
        Long story short – I bought it and have yet to use it. Meanwhile, “Suggested Adds” of similar companies with similar products, and even other sports companies that don’t make the products, continue to market to me.
               I’m a target.
                   Most of us are. We’re just oblivious to it. Let’s raise our awareness.
    – Like when you buy a new car, and then suddenly you see the same car every time you’re on the road.
            Our online presence and what we click/like/love/share/buy controls the type of advertisements specifically geared towards us. That being said, this blog showed up in your news feed for a reason. You also clicked on it for a reason. The vast majority of people looking to Buy or Sell a home (or anything else for that matter) do so, online. Facebook knows. That’s why they created an easily accessible marketplace icon centrally located at the bottom of your screen.
           Marketing utilizing vivid imagery and highlighted by professional photography. Creative thoughts enthrall the mind as breathtaking images warm the heart.
              Picture having the ability to trickle your custom add into the news feeds of your desired consumers. Appearing nonchalantly as generally generated advertisements; yet targeting and re-marketing the people that are statistically likely to want what you’re selling.
              Now entertain(or imagine?)all of these aspects accompanied by the representation of some of the Top Producing, most indelible professionals in the Las Vegas Real Estate Industry.  Consider the amount of traffic produced by this form of target marketing in addition to the proven traditional methods. A spotlight on your home that allows it to stand out as it should.
             You no longer need to imagine.
If you’re already working with an Agent, consult them. Ensure you’re comfortable with the plan in place to sell your home.
Make your intentions clear, and if your interests are aligned, trust in their methods.
If you’re seeking representation please direct your attention to the contact info below. Consultations, Accurate Detailed Home Valuations, and Real Estate Advising is encouraged and comes at no cost to you.
In any case, no fees are required from us until the closing of escrow. We’re paid for results.
Our focus is unique for each client based on their requirements, interests, and desired results. When selling your home, you know where to go.
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