——- Metaphors and Misconceptions——-

– One of the biggest misconceptions in the Real Estate Industry is that because you are getting a 15 or 30 year loan, that you need to keep that home for the life of the loan.

You’re not marrying your bank unless you find your forever home.

Not many things in this day and age are even worth committing 15-30 years to. (Not that there’s nothing, just that there’s not much). Did you know that more than half of marriages end in divorce?

–  It is truly a thing of beauty, though, to watch two loving individuals who know they’re right for each other spend the rest of their lives together.

That being said – let’s not lose sight of the fact that we’re still discussing material objects and get back to the metaphor.

Love is priceless.

Material objects?
Well… those are worth what someone is willing to pay.

—– Now let’s relate the two—–

People are falling in love with material objects, but are hesitant to marry a bank. Fearing it may fall into the law of averages, and end in divorce.

In this metaphorical world of material objects  – I’m saying embrace the thought of marriage with the possibility of divorce.

It’s okay to love this house…
This town home…
This condo…
This vacant lot…
Hell, even this car. You name it.

– You put your heart into the things you love, and home will follow you.

Now this bank you choose to marry… This bank has been through this before, so they took the liberty of drafting a prenuptial agreement for you to sign before moving forward. It gives both of you the right to marry other partners and additional material objects. In exchange for their trust and initial investment (emotional or otherwise) in you – They’re going to need a commitment.

You have to prove you still care… once a month.

In return you are granted permission to seek out and be with your true love. You’re  also provided the ability to grow with that love by using the bank’s initial investment in you.

– There’s a loophole we often overlook

(Lotta pages, Small font, you know the routine…)

You can end the marriage anytime you want if you’re not happy. All you have to do is bring the balance of their initial investment in you, current. (Plus or minus interest, penalties, or a surplus)

But the one you love – that material object you fell head over heels for – you must also part with. (Exceptions excluded)

In this material world… you’ll fall in love again.

It’s out there!

I’ve seen it!

…Maybe it’ll even be love at first sight.

Maybe when you see the agreement this time, you won’t be as hesitant to sign.

(Still be diligent)

And maybe… just maybe…

– The bank’s initial investment in you this time could be less.
– Your payments may be lower this time around.
– You’ll profit and stick some $$ in your pocket.
– You’ll reward yourself                            (C’mon, you earned it.)
– Your love will grow.

It’s a beautiful thing watching peoples hearts get larger when their burdens get lifted.
– Aaand you could always rinse and repeat.

Be careful. It’s contagious 🙂

—— Now Let’s Have It Come Full Circle ——

Fall in love with many houses – for you will turn them into homes.

Marry banks when you need to, but don’t feel obligated to stay with them longer than you need to if you’re not happy. You just want to be sure and time it as best as you can.

Plan with the finish-line in mind.

—Quick Example— You Bought a home 5 years ago for 200k, sold it for 400k (after closing costs, escrow fees, and commissions) 5 years later. Pay off your bank balance of 150k (or whatever is left) at the time of the sale. Take the remaining balance, your profit, and put half down on the next house, and the other half in your pocket. Or into an additional investment. Spend it as you see fit. —

Then customize your dream for you and your actual love in your actual life. Marry your real dream house.

Your forever house.

Use the Material world to benefit you, not define you.

Whatever options you choose, at the end of the day:

To truly love, is Powerful.
To have options, is Divine.

– and to have both?
Options to decide along with your true love?

Well… that’s the dream.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the metaphors and the misconceptions.
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