I’ve seen the world in many Lights.
Some may even consider them shades of Gray. (No there’s not 50 of them)

I was raised very well with less. Not having a lot but appreciating what we had and using it efficiently.

I then went from little to none, starting on my own as a young adult. It felt strange, and Jim Morrison’s line “… people are strange, when you’re a stranger” began to hit home. I decided that I wasn’t going to be a Stranger… anymore.

I began to welcome people into my life, and treat them like family.
Greet the janitor the way you’d greet the CEO.
Show compassion and watch as it comes back to you.

Don’t get me wrong – There’s a poem I read at an earlier age and a portion stayed with me. “… Make no mistake; there are people that give, and there are people that take.”
When you become a giver, you’ll gain clarity as to who the takers are.
Gain this experience.
Getting taken sucks (ask Liam Neeson) but you can’t let that experience turn you into a taker. It’s easy to fail when you have nothing.
– How do you keep going?
That answer will be different for each of us because we all have different passions.
It doesn’t take a salesman to embrace the word “No”.
If this gets you down, the odds of you staying down is overwhelming. However, if you can refocus that energy into positive energy – a supercharge to your determination level that propels you to the next opportunity – you will appreciate the “Yes” that much more when you get it.

It will build your drive.
-There’s no reason momentum would be built if we all started at 100%.
It will keep you motivated.
-Stay close to your passions.
-Be humbled by the rejections.
Learn from them, and always fight for that “Yes”!
Happy New Year Everyone… To a wonderful and prosperous 2017!

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