The difference between Losses and Lessons is just the letter “N”.

It is the difference of turning inexperience into experience.

If you learn – you never really lose.

Every semi or exceptionally successful person I’ve ever asked won’t have or list regrets. They will tell you they’re grateful for their experiences or they wouldn’t be who and where they are today.

The sum of all losses turned to lessons equals your present self. If you’re unhappy with the gift of the present; then change your outlook and reengaging the ability to learn will evolve the wrapping of your present to be more appealing.

If you’re feeling lost or inbetween; consider what experience can be gained by your present situation. This will help you reengage and embrace your present and future paths.

Continue to look to the future.

Consider all options.

I recently read an article that when summarized, explained, wealth is not determined by how much money you have, but by how many options you have. Direct your focus to your options and surroundings to find and recognize wealth.

There may be something you have that someone else is currently dreaming of.

It’s all about perspective and appreciation.

Embrace your opportunities.

Appreciate the struggle and those that embrace you during the struggle and you will find – you are truly blessed.

Keep progressing! Make it your year.

James McGuire

Realtor and Team Lead

The McGuire Group / Signature Real Estate

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As always, thank you for reading!