Buy While the Timing is Right – How to Benefit from Real Estate in an election year

There’s a lot of talk about wanting to wait until after election to buy or sell a home. This fear has lender’s offering some of the lowest interest rates we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes. This adds to your Buying Power providing balance to the current, low inventory, Sellers Market. Meaning you can qualify for a more expensive house based on the interest rate.

Now, lower payments are wonderful, but what if you don’t have the ability to afford a home until your tax returns are filed?

There are many down payment assistance programs out to accommodate buyers in this instance.
This is money that does not get paid back.
Sounds too good to be true, right?
Well here’s the catch. It comes at a higher interest rate.
If this is what you need or would like to do, I recommend doing it to get into your home.

Stop paying rent. Start paying mortgage. Build equity. Live on your terms.  Be an owner, not a renter .
My personal and business opinion is simple – buy before the end of the year.
If you wait until “Tax Time” you will be putting yourself up against everyone else that’s doing the same.

Meanwhile, while everyone is planning for the holidays, overspending on gifts, taking trips… more are becoming motivated to sell. Whether it be to start the new year in a new place, a chance to close a transaction before the end of the fiscal year, or even just cashing out.
Motivations vary.
…but two things are consistent.
Better deals are had before the end of the year, and tax season is always a time with multiple offer situations.
It’s an awful lot harder to negotiate for closing costs, or a reduction in price, when you’re up against 6-10 other offers.

Now take into consideration the Fear of Buying/Selling that comes with the uncertainty of an election.

Some see fear, curiosity, doubt, and reason for hesitation. I see… opportunity.

I firmly believe the Greatest Strategists pick their battles, but battles aren’t won without risks.
This opportunity, if you also see it as such, not only keeps your dream of home ownership intact, it fulfills it.
We’re merely choosing our competition based on History and Market Trends.

Honestly… think… what do you think will happen once the election ends? Regardless of who wins – when the tax returns come in, people are ready to buy. Yet there’s not much incentive to keep the rates low if there’s an abundance of Buyers, with low inventory, now, is there?

Quotes can easily be applied here –
How about “Supply and Demand”?
How about “No risk, No reward”?
Use what motivates you and get started.
It all begins with you.

As rates go up, the amount you qualify for will decrease, or your monthly payment will increase. Either way, in these instances – it hurts you to wait. And I want to show you that you can prevent fighting a losing battle.

If you feel you don’t have a choice (as many of us do) just know – you still have a choice. You always have a choice. Waiting or Acting is a choice.

If it was me in that position – I would get the assistance, get the home, and refinance to a reasonable rate as soon as possible. Also, this is one of the best times of year to ask for closing costs – and get them. Meaning less money out of pocket for you, and more money fine tuning that new house, to home.

Most of the richest people in America have two basic things in common (besides being rich). They took risks, and they bought Real Estate.

Now that you have the essential keys to the driver’s seat… wouldn’t you rather be in a great house before a multiple offer/bidding war?
-Allow that competition to build you Equity.

If your worry is so deep that you fear a market crash – compare our current market to the market at it’s height (prior to the crash). We are so far from that ceiling still. This is why over the last 4 years, all we’ve seen is Growth, Expansion, and Gains in Equity.

It’s time to make decisions that put you in a seat of power. Contact your trusted Real Estate Professionals.
You can reach us anytime to discuss this, or any other real estate matters you have questions on.

Dont wait to make next year Great.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was insightful.

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“Super Agent”

I had buyers in a short sale that waited 8 months for the bank to approve the sale. The bank sent it to auction after 6. If we won the auction we didn’t have to pay the auction fees (since we were already in escrow on the house).

We won the bid.
They took it off the auction block.
We waited…
They put it back on the auction block.
We offered again, and won.
The bank finally agreed to sell it to us.

The sellers agent had advised his clients that weren’t paying their mortgage, to vacate the home (for reasons unknown to me).

Squatters noticed the vacant home and helped themselves to occupancy.  The sellers then hired someone to evict the squatters from their home in order to sell it. They had court papers that were served and not complied with, or responded to. It was portrayed as if they were never received.

I requested a copy of the court documents and called the non emergency line. Ran to the house, and waited a few hours for the police.

Upon arrival they told me they couldn’t do anything besides “Keep the Peace”. Even though I had eviction notices and proof that the home should be unoccupied by the owners- in hand.

I said “Alright. I’m here to make peace. I have a key to the front door. Do me a favor and “Keep” me safe.”. Sure enough, once the door was opened, they sounded off to alert anyone inside of their presence and position. No one was home, and so I called my locksmith. I told him it was an emergency, and I needed him ASAP. I had the entire home re-keyed (with the authority of the sellers).

It turned out the squatters did damage to the home that wouldn’t qualify for the type of financing we were getting. We had to make the repairs before we were able to get the loan.
That was a challenge in itself.

The Pool had problems, the filter and electric didn’t work, there was holes in the drywall, patches of floor down to the concrete, and an A/C that leaked.

Oh yeah, the bank had agreed to our offer, but only if we closed on or before the 15th.

By the skin of our teeth… We closed on the 15th.

The agent on the other side called me a “Super Agent”. It made me smile, but it wasn’t his approval I was after. My clients  knew. They told me “Oh, I know. You don’t mess around”.

Respect between agents is great, and important for overall and repeat business.
But your client knowing you go to bat for them, Every time?

James McGuire / The McGuire Group / Your Sherlock 4 Homes
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We need to know we’re doing the right thing… Right?  A good agent takes the time to guide you through the process. Consistently doing their best to educate their clients by confirming what options they have, and reassuring their path to proceed based on their decisions.

Don’t Doubt that Doubt will be a factor.       – This very well may be the largest investment/purchase of these clients lives.

This is not walking into a grocery store for Gingerbread, and leaving 5 minutes later with Gingerbread. To a new or unsure buyer, this process can feel more like  going to a hardware store – looking for Gingerbread.

(I used Gingerbread as an example because you can make a house out of it.)

It may not make sense at the time, but you’ve already placed your trust into a Professional. Metaphorically speaking, let the Professional you hired show you where they keep the Gingerbread.

– Though often confusing, these processes can be broken down to simpler forms – Courtesy of your Agent.

Unless reason has been given to believe otherwise – Look to your Agent for Guidance. Communication is the Key to Clarity. Don’t lose it along with your ability to Open the Doors of Opportnity.

– Situations change.

Present your doubts, if any, so they can be addressed. Give Voice. We can’t be your voice if we don’t hear yours. We’re here specifically for you. We want you to know everything is going according to plan… Though these things take time.

If this home isn’t right for you – Tell us as soon as possible! If you’re not happy, there will always be another house; but we have to be mindful of time in order to protect you.

If you’re happy – Let’s discuss what you liked about the home and why. It’s never a bad thing to remember what you appreciate and reasons that support these thoughts. Even if those thoughts change.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d to reassure you on behalf of most Agents – It’s going to be alright. We are working towards a common goal. If problems arise, we will bring them to your attention as soon as we’re able to discuss, resolve, and in some cases even improve the situation at hand – through renegotiation.

Dont under estimate an Agent on a mision. We have the ability to explain the options available, provide professional insight, and alternative, creative, solutions we truly believe to be effective.

Allow us, to reassure you – the Agent you choose, matters. You chose this Agent for a reason. Have faith in their abilities. There is much that takes place behind the Curtains…

But it’s all worth it.

For the moment we hand you the keys, look into your eyes, and know…

“There’s no place like home”


– Your Sherlock 4 Homes

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Investing in Las Vegas

Investing in Las Vegas.
I jokingly say you know it’s a good time to buy when your Realtor is buying… Which isn’t always applicable, but not a bad source.
Though I really am. I figure if homes get to even 75% of what they were, it’s a good enough gain for me, and I’m eliminating the brunt of the risk by cashing out at that point instead of waiting for it to reach its plateau.
Don’t waste energy on regret. The best time to sell was the time you sold. It worked for you or you wouldn’t have done it. Draw that line in the sand before you even write an offer.
What if it collapses before it hits 75%? There’s the good question. If the investment isn’t encumber-some in several areas, you’re less likely to feel the hurt all at once. If you’re generating a residual income from the home that surpasses the debt, are you really losing?

If it drops to a number below the 75% margin you’re looking for, it’s not the end of the world. Because the ceiling hasn’t changed.
-That means 100% is still 100%. It just isn’t your time at 75 yet. Feel free to tweak this plan as you see fit. 75% is a fair explanation point and one I consider safer than others.

The goal is to know when it’s time to cash out. Any local that wins at the casino will tell you the same.
So you make several smaller purchases that each pay its mortgage and a residual income to you monthly. Certain areas may reach 75% faster than others. Certain circumstances will encourage you to hold a property longer than that. But do you know what’s even better?
It’s great to be able to make those decisions. Take your first or next step into investing and together we can create your future portfolio. Everyone’s plan is different. Together, we will design a unique plan that suits and often exceeds your needs and realistic expectations.

Short Sales

You want a short sale?
Okay, just making sure.
You know, there are benefits to a short sale.

First I’ll tell you what that means and we’ll go from there.
– A “Short Sale” means the home owner owes more money than the home is worth. If they’re going through what can be considered a hardship and don’t want a debt for $300,000 on a house that’s worth $150,000; they can pursue A Short Sale.

    Sometimes people default and just stop paying the mortgage.If the seller decides to commit to a Short Sale, and the Seller’s Lender (The Bank), agrees, the seller could potentially, be forgiven of the debt and walk away from the house. However, The IRS may see that as a $150,000 gain, so you should consult your tax professional for advice.
       The seller can accept any offer that comes in. Literally. I used to jokingly say “a dollar” to explain the point until someone took me up on offering a dollar. Anyway, It’s the bank that ultimately decides the selling price of the home. They conduct their own appraisals and BPO’s. (Brokers Price Opinion) to evaluate the home before solidifying the negotiation.
         There is a Chance you can get good deals on homes this way. The timeline however is indeterminable. I’ve seen one take two months, I’ve seen one take twelve months, and I’ve seen a rejection after six months.
– All ends of the spectrum are on the table as possible outcomes.
The biggest risk you have as a seller in this situation is a possible foreclosure if the short sale isn’t performed successfully.

The biggest risk you have as a buyer, I would say, is time. Prepare for a lengthy escrow that could be for nothing, but could be for everything.

 If you are on a time crunch to find the perfect home that will close at the right time; I wouldn’t recommend going after a short sale. However, if you have the time and patience, it may be very worthwhile if you’re along for the ride.
It’s important that you work with an agent with experience and reliability to guide you through this process.
If you do have one – make your goals clear and trust in their judgement.
If you don’t have one – I’m willing to lend an ear and a hand.
If there’s anything I missed or didn’t touch base on and you’d like to know more –
You can reach me on my site Cell (702)280-3410, Or email
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

The Industry

My focus was limited to X.O.’s
The game of love was tic-tac-toe
Now it’s commissions, escrows,
and how to list that home

Marketing pics that
replace where lips sat
Wasted time I can’t get back
If I don’t stay on this track

Success is in sight
if I can block out distraction
The best things in life
are lost on attraction

So I’ll be the change
That I’ve wanted to see
A lesson from the famous
I’ve been taught to repeat

Like the measure of a man
is what he does at his peak
And one without a plan
is only dragging his feet

What is ESCROW anyway?

What is Escrow anyway?

I’ll take a minute and touch base on Escrow.
We’ve all heard the word for one reason or another. But what’s it doing for me and how does it work?

“Got a deal in Escrow!”
“I’m sorry, we’re already in Escrow.”
“I can’t wait until Escrow closes.”
– I heard many similar phrases before I understood what it meant.

Escrow is here to help.
Here’s a simplified version of how –

I usually pick an object in the room and point to it.
The ( Random Inanimate Object – RIO ) is Escrow. Seller has the deed. Buyer has the funds (or is getting a loan).  Each side pays the RIO to make the exchange and insure it’s official. Seller hands the RIO the deed, Buyer hands the RIO the funds. And the RIO makes the trade.

That’s relative to how Escrow works.

The opening of Escrow requires an accepted offer (an executed contract) and Earnest money (a down payment).
As far as Escrow is concerned – the Buyer, Seller, and their Agents are working towards a common goal – Closing.

Some of the most beautiful words you’ll hear in this business are “You have successfully recorded”. This means that everyone has done their part in completing the transaction. The title is now recorded under the new Owner’s name and the funds are dispersed accordingly.

What’s that mean for Buyers?
– Time for keys and congratulations.
What’s that mean for Sellers?
– Payday and perhaps time for another purchase.
What’s that mean for the RIO?
– A Job well done and often, Two happy Agents.
Happy agents tend to repeat business with the RIO.
And what’s this mean for the Agents?
– Hopefully they also get Repeat Business,
Referrals, Reviews, and yeah… $.

Do you get paid a larger amount if your client is happier than they thought they’d be?
No, even better.
You made a difference in someone’s life.
And they’ll trust you to make a difference in someone else’s who trusts them.

Trust is key.
Trust your skills and what you believe in, and the keys will follow.
So keep your RIOs close, and your Escrows closing.


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What’s it like to be a Listing Agent?

What’s it like to be a listing agent?
Murphy’s Law.
Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
…No, not always. But be prepared for change and learn to adapt.

Now we just sit back, take some pictures…
And measurements…
And emphasize various selling points to try and get the best offer we can…
Or two… Or five…

Make sure to have a lengthy conversation with the Seller about the leak he “didn’t have” and water marks he’s “not sure how they got there”.
Spend a Few hours at the computer entering the data you’ve collected.
Enter the same data into marketing sites for additional exposure.
Schedule open houses and showings.
Show up to them. Follow through.
Order Signs and Sign Riders.
Arrange Keys, Lockbox, or Showing Times.
Boost the marketing on social media.
In some instances – Film a live tour.

Okay. Marketing goes live.
You Receive an Offer.
It’s not great, the contract isn’t filled out correctly, but you can work with it.
Counter back with corrections and favorable terms for your Seller after explaining to your client why these things have to be addressed.

Buyers really like the house, and accept the terms.
Due diligence begins.
…Aaaaaaand they’re off!

Due diligence is like a race against the clock to protect your client’s best interest.
While also making sure the Buyers side is performing in good faith.
They need to do a home inspection and most likely order an appraisal.

These are hoops to jump through.
These hoops are intervals in which everything is back on the table and comes down to negotiating.
If everyone has moved forward in good faith and the due diligence period expires (and the buyer backs out) the seller has right to the earnest money as damages.

– Time off the market would effect Your days on the market when it goes live again. This also effects the marketing and how new buyers view your old listing.
Re-marketing will need to be done to be most effective.

Anyway… the Home inspection comes back.
Things are wrong and broken.
The Buyers, of course, seek compensation in the form of repairs
(or closing cost contribution).
Make sure you have a few good handymen up your sleeve.
Contacts matter.

…You’ve come to an agreement?
Good, we’re moving right along.
Hoping for a good appraisal…
Sometimes you get it,
and sometimes you don’t.
Welcome to Las Vegas.

Appraisal comes in… and it’s low.
Lower than your agreed upon price.
Hell, lower than you thought it even could come back at.
…Will they come up?
Can they if they wanted to?
Do you have to take back any contribution in hopes of justifying the price?
Situations vary.

At any given time a call might come in that -Your lockbox is missing
Or there are squatters in the house
Or the doorknob was sawed off.
Or there’s a Leak in a vacant property.
– Consider yourself lucky if they don’t all happen at once.

This requires you to drop everything and go the property in problem solving mode. Luckily, that happens to be your specialty.
But before you get the chance to negate the problem, the buyer backs out for personal reasons or can’t obtain financing.

You start looking for another offer in the meantime.
Got it?
What’s that?
You got two?
Nice work!
Let’s make the two compete.

It’s just… One party needs to see the house one more time to be sure.
No problem. I’ve confirmed you at 3pm.

Clients show up at 3pm as planned.
No entry. No one home.
– Just because you show up for showings doesn’t mean everyone does. That includes clients, tenants, and in some instances – other realtors.
Don’t be that guy/gal.

Seller finally shows up in time just before the Buyers leave.
Confirming what they thought before – They loved the house.
Request everyone’s highest and best offer.
Got it? Now it’s time to present to the Seller.

Sounds like You did it!
…That must have come easy.
Listing agents just sit back and collect a check, right?
You get another call.
A number you’re not familiar with.
It’s the lender.
They want to tell you good and bad news.
Apparently the appraisal came back how you hoped but there are appraisal conditions.
You need to paint the defective fascia boards (outside boards just under the roof that frame the house). You have a plumbing leak under the sink and the dishwasher air gap overflows.

Your client turns to you and shrugs.
This is all news to them.
You explain these fixes are imperative to closing the deal.
And the seller wanted to sell “As-Is”.
They’re insolvent (no money to pay if they wanted to)
Their very reason for selling.

Buyer is so strapped for cash to purchase that they can’t afford any additional upfront costs.
White knight – party of 2.
That’s right. You come out of pocket to save the day to be reimbursed through proceeds.

The term “As-Is” only goes so far. You have to make this deal work. Are you going to pay 500 to make 3000? Or save 500 and make Zero?
I’ll let you do that math on that one.

That’s the simple version. Make sure you know what your client wants. Some thing I learned from my first job at a Pizza place. If you don’t listen, you can’t deliver.

Ask what would you do in this scenario.
What’d you come up with?
… Wow that’s really well thought out.
Unfortunately it might only benefit you on future deals.
So Think of a few outcomes.
Present them to your clients.
Having No options means checkmate.
If it’s checkmate just let me know and I’ll clean the pieces up right now.

Is it easier to start a new game,
or give them another move to prevent the end of the game?
After all, this is a game.
For best results, know the rules.

James McGuire
Signature Real Estate

Here You Are

There you are… Pulling into the driveway thinking… We found it.
The house you’ve been looking for.
Just the right amount of bedrooms for a family or couple with potential for growth.
It’s zoned for all the schools you wanted for your kids. It’s close to work, near family, and just different enough to be…new.

It’s exciting, right? It’s a big step.
Perhaps you’ve been waiting for tax season to afford your down payment, maybe the timing is right for you, or maybe you can afford to pay cash and just know when to make a move. Whichever one you are, just know, you’re competing against all of the above.

Remember, there are other families and couples now also looking for something… New.
You decide to “sleep on it”. Think it over. Make a rational decision in the morning.

– Doing this is logical. But someone was that logical yesterday and offered the day you decided to think it over got the house.

Put pen to paper if it’s considerable enough to be desirable. If you change your mind tomorrow you can rescind without penalty. Now you have a horse in the race.
Time to negotiate.

With a good amount of communication and resources, hopefully your offer gets accepted or countered.
Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.
Real Estate isn’t one of those things that go as planned. We set a starting point and a finish line and how you get there is different every time.

You missed out… That’s okay.
As long as you took something from the experience, you didn’t lose.
Now you’re back on the hunt.

If You’re beginning to compare every house you see to the one you didn’t get.
– Don’t do that to yourself. You’re talking yourself out of great houses you would love and could easily make homes.

Time to adjust the search.
Yard not as big as you originally liked, but it has a covered patio.
The flooring needs changing, and you had wanted granite countertops.
This home has been on the market for so long that you can probably negotiate for closing costs. The saved money can later be spent changing the flooring or adding (and picking your own pattern) granite at your leisure.

Negotiating is a huge part of Real Estate. And in some instances you have to negotiate with your Haves and Wants. Narrow down what’s most important and let the rest fall into place. You’ll know when it feels right.

But remember,
You can’t Negotiate if you don’t Offer.
James McGuire
The McGuire Group – Realtor
Signature Real Estate
Ph: 702-280-3410

Thinking Differently

I’m used to being a buyer’s agent
Going and giving my clients a few choices I think best suits them
Viewing them and picking which one they like the best out of the few
We put in offers
Hope for the best results
In most occasions, our offers were rejected
My buyers started getting frustrated
I was getting frustrated for them

So I went at things differently

I present as many houses as I can
I weed through them with my buyer
Once they are ready to view houses and write offers
I call up the agent on the other side of the transaction
And instead of selling my buyers on a house
I sell the sellers on my buyers

If you have to leave your home
Or if you choose to sell it
You want to know it’s being taken care of
It wasn’t just a house to you
It was home