There you are… Pulling into the driveway thinking… We found it. The house you’ve been looking for. Just the right about of bedrooms for a family or couple with potential for growth.
It’s zoned for all the schools you wanted for your kids. It’s close to work, near family, and just different enough to be…new.

It’s exciting, right? It’s a big step.
Perhaps you’ve been waiting for tax season to afford your down payment, maybe the timing is right for you, or maybe you can afford to pay cash and just know when to make a move. Whichever one you are, just know, you’re competing against all of the above.

Remember, there are other families and couples now also looking for something… New.
You decide to “sleep on it”. Think it over. Make a rational decision in the morning.

– Doing this is logical. But someone was that logical yesterday and offered the day you decided to think it over got the house.

Put pen to paper if it’s considerable enough to be desirable. If you change your mind tomorrow you can rescind without penalty. Now you have a horse in the race.
Time to negotiate.

With a good amount of communication and resources, hopefully your offer gets accepted or countered.
Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.
Real Estate isn’t one of those things that go as planned. We set a starting point and a finish line and how you get there is different every time.

You missed out… That’s okay.
As long as you took something from the experience, you didn’t lose.
Now you’re back on the hunt.

If You’re beginning to compare every house you see to the one you didn’t get.
– Don’t do that to yourself. You’re talking yourself out of great houses you would love and could easily make homes.

Time to adjust the search.
Yard not as big as you originally liked, but it has a covered patio.
The flooring needs changing, and you had wanted granite countertops.
This home has been on the market for so long that you can probably negotiate for closing costs. The saved money can later be spent changing the flooring or adding (and picking your own pattern) granite at your leisure.

Negotiating is a huge part of Real Estate. And in some instances you have to negotiate with your Haves and Wants. Narrow down what’s most important and let the rest fall into place. You’ll know when it feels right.

But remember,
You can’t Negotiate if you don’t Offer.

James McGuire

Signature Real Estate