There you are… Pulling into the driveway thinking… We found it. The house you’ve been looking for. Just the right about of bedrooms for a family or couple with potential for growth.
It’s zoned for all the schools you wanted for your kids. It’s close to work, near family, and just different enough to be…new.

It’s exciting, right? It’s a big step.
Perhaps you’ve been waiting for tax season to afford your down payment, maybe the timing is right for you, or maybe you can afford to pay cash and just know when to make a move. Whichever one you are, just know, you’re competing against all of the above.

Remember, there are other families and couples now also looking for something… New.
You decide to “sleep on it”. Think it over. Make a rational decision in the morning.

– Doing this is logical. But someone was that logical yesterday and offered the day you decided to think it over got the house.

Put pen to paper if it’s considerable enough to be desirable. If you change your mind tomorrow you can rescind without penalty. Now you have a horse in the race.
Time to negotiate.

With a good amount of communication and resources, hopefully your offer gets accepted or countered.
Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.
Real Estate isn’t one of those things that go as planned. We set a starting point and a finish line and how you get there is different every time.

You missed out… That’s okay.
As long as you took something from the experience, you didn’t lose.
Now you’re back on the hunt.

If You’re beginning to compare every house you see to the one you didn’t get.
– Don’t do that to yourself. You’re talking yourself out of great houses you would love and could easily make homes.

Time to adjust the search.
Yard not as big as you originally liked, but it has a covered patio.
The flooring needs changing, and you had wanted granite countertops.
This home has been on the market for so long that you can probably negotiate for closing costs. The saved money can later be spent changing the flooring or adding (and picking your own pattern) granite at your leisure.

Negotiating is a huge part of Real Estate. And in some instances you have to negotiate with your Haves and Wants. Narrow down what’s most important and let the rest fall into place. You’ll know when it feels right.

But remember,
You can’t Negotiate if you don’t Offer.

James McGuire

Signature Real Estate



The Difference Between Losses & Lessons

The difference between Losses and Lessons is just the letter “N”.

It is the difference of turning inexperience into experience.

If you learn – you never really lose.

Every semi or exceptionally successful person I’ve ever asked won’t have or list regrets. They will tell you they’re grateful for their experiences or they wouldn’t be who and where they are today.

The sum of all losses turned to lessons equals your present self. If you’re unhappy with the gift of the present; then change your outlook and reengaging the ability to learn will evolve the wrapping of your present to be more appealing.

If you’re feeling lost or inbetween; consider what experience can be gained by your present situation. This will help you reengage and embrace your present and future paths.

Continue to look to the future.

Consider all options.

I recently read an article that when summarized, explained, wealth is not determined by how much money you have, but by how many options you have. Direct your focus to your options and surroundings to find and recognize wealth.

There may be something you have that someone else is currently dreaming of.

It’s all about perspective and appreciation.

Embrace your opportunities.

Appreciate the struggle and those that embrace you during the struggle and you will find – you are truly blessed.

Keep progressing! Make it your year.

James McGuire

Realtor and Team Lead

The McGuire Group / Signature Real Estate

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As always, thank you for reading!


Home Buying 101 / Bulletpoint Crashcourse

I’m proud to say my little sister is purchasing her first home! It’s in Oregon so I can’t help her directly, but in an attempt to help from a distance I wrote her a bulletpoint crashcourse. In case this can bring you value as well; I wanted to Share it here:

– Get lender your documents
– Get a copy of your credit info from lender if you decide to “shop lenders and rates” don’t shop too much, anything in excess isn’t a good thing.
– In your case, Plan for a December contract, with close of escrow being in January.
– If you can close the home in mid January, your first payment won’t be until March 1st!
– Look for homes that have been on the market for 25+ days, you will be able to ask for closing costs paid by the seller in your offer.
– Agent’s Write offers. They are 9-12pages Of legally binding documents. Agents show you homes. Agents negotiate on your behalf. You are in charge, you tell them what you want to do, and they act on your behalf based on your needs, goals, and instructions.
– Lenders Write Preapprovals, they get you the loan, and they send their company’s funds to escrow. When added to your funds, it will equal total amounts needed to close the deal. (I will send you a blog I wrote describing what escrow is and what it means.)
– You must have a Preapproval for an Agent to write your offer, otherwise it is considered incomplete.
– You can write offers on anything considerable that can feel like home. Just remember you can only move forward on one property.
– Due Diligence period – after your contract gets accepted, you have 10 calendar days to cancel for any reason and not lose your EMD.
– EMD – means earnest money deposit. This is a set amount (2000-3000$ Average) that goes straight to escrow within 48 hours of an executed contract. This is your skin in the game. If you back out after your due diligence period, you lose this. If you cancel within those 10 days, you get this back no matter what. (There are other instances, this is a 101 course)

-Home inspection – during your due diligence period (10 days) you can pay a third party to have the home professionally inspected. You will be provided a report. You can have the agent prepare a document requesting any repairs and/or money instead of repairs (they don’t have to give you anything at all, and you will want this done in that 10 day span with enough time for the seller to respond). Any items agreed to be fixed must be fixed before you close, not before the 10 days is up. This should cost around 300-400$

Appraisal – after the inspection, you will order an appraisal through the lender. It will cost approx. 400-600$. This is the loan company verifying the value of the property. (If you qualify for a loan of 200,000 and the home appraises for 190,000, you do NOT get to keep any overage).
If the home appraises for less than your purchase/offer price –
You will ask that they reduce the price to the appraised value. A lender will only loan for the amount the house is worth!
Try to get them to lower the price while keeping any closing costs the seller is paying for during the initial negotiation when you submited your offer and/or counter offers.
If the home is worth more than the offer price – then you do not need to get a loan for more! You get the home for what your contract says, and you walk in with instant equity!

After that, you continue to get the Lender any paperwork they require. And you wait.
They will give you numbers and estimates and balance closing figures with escrow.
Once you reach the finish line
You will walk through the property 3 or less days from the time you close. Walkthroughs are conducted with your agent.

You will sign all final docs at title.
The last of the money due (minus your EMD, minus your loan amount) must be Wired from your bank, to escrow.

After your Agent or Title tells you that you’ve successfully recorded. You are now a homeowner. And ask, where’s my keys!

Lol happy hunting 🙂

* This is applicable mainly during the winter months and our current marketplace as of (12/1/18) and is not a way to go about things during other times of year!

Reach out with any questions 🙂

James McGuire

Realtor and Team Lead
The McGuire Group
One of the Top 250 Las Vegas Realtors- 2017!
   Trends Committee Member 2016-2018
   Trends Committee Vice Chairman 2019
     One of YPN’s Top 40 Under 40
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My Mortgage Was Too High…

…So I decided to bring it down.
I know some of you are probably thinking great work James, you just put more money down and refinanced… but that would be a really short article.

…Anyway, Moving on———

– Small recap on the current standing of our market. We have incredibly low inventory, average purchase price on the rise, we are predicted to be one of the top 3 cities in the nation in both population and job growth through 2020. Professional sports teams have embraced Las Vegas with the Golden Knights in hockey as we prepare to welcome the Raiders in football and soccer on the way.

———-So I felt, as many of us do, that my mortgage was too high, and I wanted to proactively do something about it. I could have put down that Christmas bonus or tax return towards my principal and refinanced to see a safe, yet minimal, change. If you couldn’t tell by the tone of this article, I didn’t do that.

I sought out a secondary (investment) property that I could get into with favorable terms. I looked for either a good home with little to no HoA, a home that needed minor repairs that didn’t already have multiple offers on it, and/or a home that already had a tenant that was happy, was taking good care of the home, and wanted to stay.

There was actually more options than I thought there would be. Being that most buyers in our market want to occupy the home as soon as possible; homes that weren’t available to be shown as easily or that had an outstanding lease were the options that seemed to sit on the market longer than homes that were vacant or owner occupied.

I offered on quite a few considerable options that fell into the previously mentioned categories until I was able to negotiate favorable terms on a winner. Moving forward I was able to keep my mortgage at a little below $1100/month on the investment property. The HoA is less than $50 monthly, and the happy tenants pay $1450/month. Yes our rental amounts in town have skyrocketed due to the lack of inventory and the abundance of Owner-occupant buyers. My profit here is roughly $300 per month. That amount is applied directly towards my current mortgage on the home I live In, and my payments are now essentially $300 less every month because of this tactic.

You guessed it… It gets better! Not only is that money working for me to bring down the mortgage I deemed “too high”. Now, having multiple properties in a market where inventory is low, the home itself is building equity while everyone scrambles for properties they can move into immediately. Let the neighbors do the heavy lifting as they compete against multiple offers during tax season.

That’s a position of power.

I can do the same for you. I have Trained my team to specialize in these “outside the box” scenarios to benefit our clients.
Call today or at your convenience and My team and I will be happy to listen, discuss, and present creative ways to bring down your mortgage, increase your options, and take a well deserved position of power.
🔎Your Sherlock 4 Homes🔍

“Your Team of Pros, From Open to Close”
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Repetition Builds Reputation

I tell ya that fella’s
One hell of a seller
When the moment approaches
You’ll see

He’s Down for whatever
And stays Ever clever
Momentum explodes
And repeats

He’d Shred a competitor
I’m just the messenger
Get a list of his service
And fees

What’s better than better?
In turn matters lesser
You’ll never know better
than he

For soon may arise
The day of delight
When the time is ripe at its peak

And to no surprise
You’ll see his signs
At night lighting up the street

It all works when tried
A thousand times
Control copy, paste, and repeat

Applied Advice and Setting Yourself Apart

In the wide world of Real Estate you’ll hear variations of consistent advice. Some of which includes “In sales, you aren’t selling a product, you’re selling yourself.”, “Be sure to set money aside for Marketing, and for Taxes.”, and the ever popular “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, here.”.

So just to recap, we’re supposed to sell ourselves, set money aside for marketing, and not reinvent the wheel. Yet, nothing in this equation helps you stand out. All the while being told “You have to List to Last” and “Do what everyone else is doing because it’s working”.

I listened. I aimed for listings and I tried what everyone else was doing. I watched it work for them time, and time again. It did work for me on occasion, but no outstanding trend or consistency was observed.

It’s frustrating you know… when you spend a significant amount of time learning a craft, but you have no one to help.

I sought help from marketing experts that were savvy on “what’s next”. Instead of focusing on “what’s now” I targeted “what’s next”.
Many people fear one of the constants we’re given on this Earth – change. If I can embrace change, I’ll have an edge. As I grew more comfortable in my own skin with the knowledge I had gained, I also became proficient in my marketing capabilities.

I’d hear stories of a local attorney who would always be on TV late at night with his catchy jingle. Behind the scenes, word had it that he wasn’t that great of an attorney, but he had a Master’s Degree in Marketing. He used this to set himself apart.

I would get reminded of the “Ricky Bobby Rule” which is “if you’re not first, you’re last”. Stay top of mind.
What’s next began to work and I would stay consistent on the path, up until I got a whiff of the next “what’s next”.
Ensuring I would be offering services from the best version of myself. I’m not one to sugarcoat. Friends, family, and clients alike know that if they’re going to ask me, they will have their answer.

Personally, I found my strengths, and I played to them. I’m comfortable in front of a camera, and I work to memorize facts and features of the homes I market. I consider these steps towards mastering my craft. Videos were a good fit for me. Keep your best interests aligned with your clients and stay true to yourself.

This will give you the best chance to sell the best version of yourself. You can play to your individual strengths.
Have faith in your abilities and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Put yourself out there. Broadcast it. Shout it from the rooftops if it’s heard, and always always always…
Be good to people.
It’s truly rewarding…
I promise.


Taking the mystery out of Buying and Selling.

🔎Your Sherlock 4 Homes🔍

James McGuire                                                                          Signature Real Estate & The McGuire Group                       702-280-3410

Call 4 Backup

A friend and past client contacts me to sell their town home; which happens to also be located in the same development as my townhome. Because of this, I happen to have extensive knowledge in regards to the state of the HoA and their rules and regulations, specifically.

My friend and I meet to go over the different scenarios, our timelines, and what we can expect going forward. The comps came in at 98k and 102k, with a 101k floor plan match in escrow waiting to close, I explain. We decided to start higher than them and priced it right at 104,900. This development has rental restrictions so I made sure to notate that in the MLS as well.

We hit the market late Wednesday evening. I’ve noticed that I tend to yield the most traffic within the first few days on the market this way. When my listings go live just before the weekend, there’s still enough time to be included into Buyers’ weekend viewing routes.
Anyway, by Friday evening we had multiple offers over list price.
Saturday we requested everyone’s highest and best offers to be due by Sunday night. Essentially just in time to be able to open escrow Monday morning while wasting no time.

While reviewing offers and all parties’ highest and best offers; a text comes in telling me I have another offer coming over. I skim it over quickly and it happens to be a list price all cash offer! Funny enough it was a pretty clean offer, but it had my seller paying for a home warranty for the Buyer…
It’s like… why didn’t you just offer $500 less? Haha
Anyway, I check their proof of funds and it shows they are indeed capable of completing the transaction, so we accept. I send an executed copy to the agent and to the escrow officer instructing them to please open escrow first thing Monday morning. Then I go back to enjoying the weekend with my family…

A call comes in about the property, and with a sigh, I begin to explain that we received multiple offers, and I pulled the home into a temporarily off the market status in order to present. Unless your offer is cash then-
-She cut me off- “My offer is cash”.
Damn… how much is the offer you just sent me? 110k.
Tell me about your clients please.
… They want to retire here, are familiar with the development, and love the floor plan. They were about to purchase the other one for sale in this development, but it needed a lot more work than they wanted to do. Yours however looks like they recently did the work and looks like an ideal match to meet their criteria. They’d like to be done with their search so they came with a strong offer.
That’s a damn good offer.
Though I do appreciate the honesty, the call, the offer, and the situation… we executed the other offer earlier today. I wish you would have called me earlier… but there’s a few things up in the air still. Give me a few days and we will see if we can’t revisit this conversation.

In comes Monday. Yet the earnest money doesn’t seem to have found its way to escrow. So I call the Agent to inquire and ask when they plan on scheduling the home inspection. She informs me that her clients live out of state and are at work, so she will need to ask later and get back to me. “Hey while I got you on the phone… I just wanted to ask; I noticed the purchaser is a Trust, and I just wanted to see if they planned on living in the home. Their offer didn’t check either box for owner occupancy, and I did disclose in the MLS that this development does have rental restrictions”.

Oh. I’ll have to call you back.
“Sure, no problem”.

Like clockwork, an hour later I received a cancelation addendum attached to an apology. “I’m sorry James… we can’t move forward because of the rental restrictions. Thank you so much for letting me know. I hope you understand…”
Oh that’s quite alright, I understand completely. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

-Hello- Yes, James calling back on your owner occupant cash offer at 110. Is your client still interested?…. Good!

Needless to say our client is thrilled. Thanks to our experience, diligence, and extensive product knowledge.
We were able to achieve what I would consider a maximum price. All while bringing up the price per sqft in the development my townhome is in. Now that’s a great week!

Looking to improve your week as well. When you want results and it’s time to sell.

🔎 Sherlock 4 Homes 🔍
James McGuire – Realtor and Team Lead 702-280-3410
The McGuire Group / Signature Real Estate

Las Vegas 2017 Home Buyer Tips and Insight

As many of you know, The era of the NFL “Las Vegas Raiders” is soon upon us following the addition of our “Golden Knights” NHL team. This is an exciting time not only for sports fans, but also for the expansion of our city, Las Vegas, as a whole.

Our Real Estate Market has been blessed with tremendous gains this year alone. Though many may see a correlation between our overall progression and the sporting expansion; this easy link has actually yet to effect us. This chain of events is predicted to realistically impact us in roughly 2-3 years. I expect this to absolutely strengthen our economy, create more jobs, and new reasons to attract tourists to a city that thrives off of its strong reputation, and a healthy flow of foreign funds.

Take Note – What we’re actually seeing here is artificial inflation based on supply, demand, a shortage of housing, and a slowly increasing interest rate.

As the rates increase, our Buyers begin to lose some of their “Buying Power”. Meaning they will no longer qualify for as much of a loan, or be able to keep their monthly payments where they’d want it to be. If you wear these shoes – You’d have to hypothetically sacrifice from your max budget if you want to remain in the same comfort bracket you were in months prior.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be a Buyer in our current market, and you’ve been hunting, viewing, and offering on 5-6 homes that fit your criteria you’d literally experience the struggle. You could see yourself living in any of those 5-6 and you would be proud to own any one of those you offered on. In the beginning you started offering less; hoping for a deal. Then when that didn’t work, you began offering list price asking for little to no concessions.
…Yet you keep getting beat.

So you ask the Agent on the other side. “Hey, what gives?! We’ve prepared a clean offer at exactly what you had asked for on the MLS!” You begin hearing answers like “We had multiple offers all over asking price” and “A cash offer came in and we couldn’t pass up a sure thing”.

…But you did your homework. There’s no way this home would appraise for higher than the asking price. Then you’re told the competition agreed to contribute ( X ) towards their offer price in the event that the home appraises below the agreed upon purchase price.

Time to adjust.

Many are doing just that, ultimately feeding the essence of inflation here.

On the seller’s side we make it a point to make sure our marketing is top of the line with 4k Video Walkthroughs and Target Marketing to drive the demand straight to the best homes before or right as they hit the market. With low inventory the options are extremely limited, so each and every advantage is priceless. Expect the sellers side is doing the same.

Regardless of which side you’re on. Make sure you have a strong line of communication both with your Agent, and with your Lender.

It truly is vital to your success.

For more Expert Insight and any other questions you may have about the Las Vegas Real Estate Market, make sure you reach out to us anytime for timely, accurate, and insightful advice and guidance.

Your Team of Pros
From Open to Close

🔎Sherlock 4 Homes🔍
James McGuire
The McGuire Group
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Happy New Year – Fight For That “Yes!”

I’ve seen the world in many Lights.
Some may even consider them shades of Gray. (No there’s not 50 of them)

I was raised very well with less. Not having a lot but appreciating what we had and using it efficiently.

I then went from little to none, starting on my own as a young adult. It felt strange, and Jim Morrison’s line “… people are strange, when you’re a stranger” began to hit home. I decided that I wasn’t going to be a Stranger… anymore.

I began to welcome people into my life, and treat them like family.
Greet the janitor the way you’d greet the CEO.
Show compassion and watch as it comes back to you.

Don’t get me wrong – There’s a poem I read at an earlier age and a portion stayed with me. “… Make no mistake; there are people that give, and there are people that take.”
When you become a giver, you’ll gain clarity as to who the takers are.
Gain this experience.
Getting taken sucks (ask Liam Neeson) but you can’t let that experience turn you into a taker. It’s easy to fail when you have nothing.
– How do you keep going?
That answer will be different for each of us because we all have different passions.
It doesn’t take a salesman to embrace the word “No”.
If this gets you down, the odds of you staying down is overwhelming. However, if you can refocus that energy into positive energy – a supercharge to your determination level that propels you to the next opportunity – you will appreciate the “Yes” that much more when you get it.

It will build your drive.
-There’s no reason momentum would be built if we all started at 100%.
It will keep you motivated.
-Stay close to your passions.
-Be humbled by the rejections.
Learn from them, and always fight for that “Yes”!
Happy New Year Everyone… To a wonderful and prosperous 2017!

– Your Sherlock 4 Homes
James McGuire / Joey Gaede
702-280-3410       702-325-2569
The McGuire Group / Signature Real Estate

Metaphors and Misconceptions

——- Metaphors and Misconceptions——-

– One of the biggest misconceptions in the Real Estate Industry is that because you are getting a 15 or 30 year loan, that you need to keep that home for the life of the loan.

You’re not marrying your bank unless you find your forever home.

Not many things in this day and age are even worth committing 15-30 years to. (Not that there’s nothing, just that there’s not much). Did you know that more than half of marriages end in divorce?

–  It is truly a thing of beauty, though, to watch two loving individuals who know they’re right for each other spend the rest of their lives together.

That being said – let’s not lose sight of the fact that we’re still discussing material objects and get back to the metaphor.

Love is priceless.

Material objects?
Well… those are worth what someone is willing to pay.

—– Now let’s relate the two—–

People are falling in love with material objects, but are hesitant to marry a bank. Fearing it may fall into the law of averages, and end in divorce.

In this metaphorical world of material objects  – I’m saying embrace the thought of marriage with the possibility of divorce.

It’s okay to love this house…
This town home…
This condo…
This vacant lot…
Hell, even this car. You name it.

– You put your heart into the things you love, and home will follow you.

Now this bank you choose to marry… This bank has been through this before, so they took the liberty of drafting a prenuptial agreement for you to sign before moving forward. It gives both of you the right to marry other partners and additional material objects. In exchange for their trust and initial investment (emotional or otherwise) in you – They’re going to need a commitment.

You have to prove you still care… once a month.

In return you are granted permission to seek out and be with your true love. You’re  also provided the ability to grow with that love by using the bank’s initial investment in you.

– There’s a loophole we often overlook

(Lotta pages, Small font, you know the routine…)

You can end the marriage anytime you want if you’re not happy. All you have to do is bring the balance of their initial investment in you, current. (Plus or minus interest, penalties, or a surplus)

But the one you love – that material object you fell head over heels for – you must also part with. (Exceptions excluded)

In this material world… you’ll fall in love again.

It’s out there!

I’ve seen it!

…Maybe it’ll even be love at first sight.

Maybe when you see the agreement this time, you won’t be as hesitant to sign.

(Still be diligent)

And maybe… just maybe…

– The bank’s initial investment in you this time could be less.
– Your payments may be lower this time around.
– You’ll profit and stick some $$ in your pocket.
– You’ll reward yourself                            (C’mon, you earned it.)
– Your love will grow.

It’s a beautiful thing watching peoples hearts get larger when their burdens get lifted.
– Aaand you could always rinse and repeat.

Be careful. It’s contagious 🙂

—— Now Let’s Have It Come Full Circle ——

Fall in love with many houses – for you will turn them into homes.

Marry banks when you need to, but don’t feel obligated to stay with them longer than you need to if you’re not happy. You just want to be sure and time it as best as you can.

Plan with the finish-line in mind.

—Quick Example— You Bought a home 5 years ago for 200k, sold it for 400k (after closing costs, escrow fees, and commissions) 5 years later. Pay off your bank balance of 150k (or whatever is left) at the time of the sale. Take the remaining balance, your profit, and put half down on the next house, and the other half in your pocket. Or into an additional investment. Spend it as you see fit. —

Then customize your dream for you and your actual love in your actual life. Marry your real dream house.

Your forever house.

Use the Material world to benefit you, not define you.

Whatever options you choose, at the end of the day:

To truly love, is Powerful.
To have options, is Divine.

– and to have both?
Options to decide along with your true love?

Well… that’s the dream.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the metaphors and the misconceptions.
Taking the mystery out of Buying and Selling
-Your Sherlock 4 Homes /

The McGuire Group / Signature Real Estate
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James              /            Joey