I had buyers in a short sale that waited 8 months for the bank to approve the sale. The bank sent it to auction after 6. If we won the auction we didn’t have to pay the auction fees (since we were already in escrow on the house).

We won the bid.
They took it off the auction block.
We waited…
They put it back on the auction block.
We offered again, and won.
The bank finally agreed to sell it to us.

The sellers agent had advised his clients that weren’t paying their mortgage, to vacate the home (for reasons unknown to me).

Squatters noticed the vacant home and helped themselves to occupancy.  The sellers then hired someone to evict the squatters from their home in order to sell it. They had court papers that were served and not complied with, or responded to. It was portrayed as if they were never received.

I requested a copy of the court documents and called the non emergency line. Ran to the house, and waited a few hours for the police.

Upon arrival they told me they couldn’t do anything besides “Keep the Peace”. Even though I had eviction notices and proof that the home should be unoccupied by the owners- in hand.

I said “Alright. I’m here to make peace. I have a key to the front door. Do me a favor and “Keep” me safe.”. Sure enough, once the door was opened, they sounded off to alert anyone inside of their presence and position. No one was home, and so I called my locksmith. I told him it was an emergency, and I needed him ASAP. I had the entire home re-keyed (with the authority of the sellers).

It turned out the squatters did damage to the home that wouldn’t qualify for the type of financing we were getting. We had to make the repairs before we were able to get the loan.
That was a challenge in itself.

The Pool had problems, the filter and electric didn’t work, there was holes in the drywall, patches of floor down to the concrete, and an A/C that leaked.

Oh yeah, the bank had agreed to our offer, but only if we closed on or before the 15th.

By the skin of our teeth… We closed on the 15th.

The agent on the other side called me a “Super Agent”. It made me smile, but it wasn’t his approval I was after. My clients  knew. They told me “Oh, I know. You don’t mess around”.

Respect between agents is great, and important for overall and repeat business.
But your client knowing you go to bat for them, Every time?

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